Halloween movie

I made a short film for Halloween events.

and I made this puppet and made stopmotion animation!
Mr. Ochazukenori of the very famous horror cartoonist for Japan designed this.

Since Mr. Ochazukenori said, "Make freely", I was able to do work very happily.!

I really wanna say thankyou to Mr.Ochazukenori!


Amusement Machine show

I went to the Amusement Machine show in Tokyo.

because my stop-motion movie was used at the new-product-releases meeting of the Taito Corporation.

It was really cute and fun!
so I was impressed very much!


Exhibition of the Edogawa Rampo

I have exhibited at the exhibition on the Edogawa Rampo  in the Zaroff Gallery!

The location is near the Hatsudai station.
At the following URL for details!

I made ​​a piece on the theme of golden mask!
Crazy tower and Phantom of the golden mask!
The art can be seen at the event. I will post more photos later!


My art of Cars 2

My art of Cars 2 is seen at the site of the Pixar times!

Design Source is a classic cars and vampire.
Red one is not blood. just oil. Oh, is it same in the Cars world? hahaha


Girl puppet making

Hi there. long time no see.
because I went to meeting and I had to finish my work.

but I was making other puppet head!
her face looks like a confuse. haha. It's funny.

so her hair is just a test. and I don't paint her face yet.
and I think I don't use a hair bundle. maybe.



I wen to the Namco Bandai Game inc.
because I was invited to art event.
It was very fun and I could meet a lot of artist!

I took a picture of Pacman with Guinness World Record!


The second exhibition started

The second exhibition started at Tokyo on May 24 to Jun 4. 
I participate in the exhibition of which the theme is the Cthulhu mythos!
A lot of works like the painting and the sculpture, etc. are exhibited in Tokyo from today.

then, I went to the Opening party in this gallery.
so I met Mr. Akira Uno and Mr. Yosuke Takahashi.
I was really excited! 


Mold making again

I am making few mold that uses silicon.

because I have to draw some illustrations but I think I wanna make a mold  same time.
so when I finish drawing, I bet mold is completed, too.

I can do all seamless! ...maybe. :)


Two pieces of face parts

I made a two pieces of face parts.
and I made a test movie. but... I thought it's not good. 
the cause of line. :(

but I wanna try to use it. so it's very interesting!
I have to search some technique until I use this.


Puppet making

I'm making a my animation in parallel with work.

of course work is a top priority but I'm gonna make my puppet little by little.
every journey being  with a single step, right? :)

then I made two type puppets head.
one type is a all face can be change. other one type is a cut in lines of eyes.
I called "The Nightmare before christmas type " and "Coraline type".
and I made a face moving test. after that I decide use a TNBC type.
but...maybe I will use a both.

anyway, I'm looking forward to use this puppet!!


Mold making

I'm making a new puppet for a new movie!
Clay model was already finished.
so I make a mold using a silicon.

Can you see a white towel?
That is wet because silicon hardens early.
It raises humidity.



I participate in the exhibition of which the theme is the Cthulhu mythos!
A lot of works like the painting and the sculpture, etc. are exhibited in Tokyo from today.
and I made a puppet!

The work of other artist exhibited together is really amazing!

and we made the book of this exhibition.
name is "The Palace of false god"
if you are interested in this exhibition, please post a comment.



Hi! I'm Sonic.
I'm making stop-motion animation by using the puppet.
I will write backstage of production and my daily life.

However, it is an advertisement first.

I worked in the movie "Tofu kozo" as S3D image production staff.
I also am making S3D, so I wanna make S3D puppet animation early!

↑ This is seen S3D with red blue glasses. Please try it!