I was updated my blog for the first time in a year.

I had a lot of different experiences about work..
movie, animation, and a lot of work..
but this is a most surprising of all!

Finally I met Mr. Tim burton!
we talked a lot of thing. old school horror movie and Peter Lorre and...My arts and puppets!
He said "Great work" to me!
Aye carumba!



My exhibition is running through to July 1st to July 14th at Koenji.
I exhibit puppets and arts I made!



miniature furniture and miniature bunny

making little furnitures for stop motion animation. 
and I have to paint again because of color. wait for all a paint to dry...

and I also made miniature bunny!
It made by leftover putty!


The new movie for a TV program

I made a new stop motion movie for a Japanese TV program!

This program is very famous program in Japan!
and I also made puppet of this program's character.
they name is Gachapin and Mucc. you know? :)

if you don't know they, please check it here!


Death and the Maiden

I uploaded new video! "Death and the Maiden"
This is stop motion animation!

but technically it's not new video too.
because I already made this video two years ago.

but I already made other new video. of course stop motion animation!
It was requested from the Japanese television company.
probably I can show it to you soon!


Why is my pen rolling on the desk?

I uploaded new video! "ROLL"

This is stop motion animation!

but technically it's not new one because I already made it. :D